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We are a team of IT consultants and developers, specialized in a wide range of technologies with 8 years of experience.

We combine our technological knowledge and vast experience working on projects for private and public companies.

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We have a vast knowledge in custom software development for your company.

We accompany you during the whole process of implementation and we work together in the necessary improvements to reach the expected results.

Our interactive approach and continuous security testing allow for early detection of risks, providing a set of practices for identification and elimination of software issues before they become threats to operation.

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Our experience builds trust

We combine our technological expertise and vast experience in projects for private and public companies to work on analysis and design of architectures on different platforms and technologies.

We are committed to the development of high quality and innovative projects, optimizing the use of resources and the company's times to achieve the desired results.

The services we offer are

What do we do?

Web App

We create web applications for those who want independence from an operating system. This allows the client to easily update and maintain it without having to distribute or install a software in a device.

Mobile App

We design applications to run on any mobile devices. They allow the user to perform a set of tasks of any kind, whether professional, recreational, educational or to access different services.


We build bridges that allow communication between systems with the aim of generating solutions which facilitate business processes.


We transfer processes that today are done manually in a repetitive way, for a configured system to do the tasks in an automatic way, increasing the reliability and profitability in process execution times.

How do we do it?

We are architects

Our software architects define the components and communication between them. Similarly to the blueprints of a building or construction, these show the structure, functionality and interaction between the software's parts.


We develop systems that collect data in one place, providing the system to have the ability to process a great quantity of different information in a short period of time. This reduces the necessity of manual interventions, allowing an analysis of historical trends to boost business.


We are in charge of designing, planning and implementing measures to protect the integrity and privacy of the transported and stored information in the systems that we create.

Agile methodology

We work with this methodology and its tools to develop a dynamic of control and continuous deliverables, which in case of requiring it, they allow to incorporate changes in a fast way and at any stage of the project.


We apply methodologies of software development which are centered in communication, collaboration and integration between developers and operations. We automatize the infrastructure's tasks of the projects.

Do you want to make your business profitable?

We understand that technological advancements are happening at a fast pace. Our proposal is to use them in favour of your needs, optimizing the resources, times and technologies.

About us

retcon Ulu

We have more than 8 years of experience and we specialize in consulting and systems developments.

We were born as Retcon and in 2019 we decided to evolve, understanding that change is the only constant. And that is how Ulusoft was born.

From the beginning, we seek long term relationships with our clients, accompanying them in the continuous improvement process and modernization.

We daily build workspaces with the strong conviction that successful results are achieved working as a team. Our focus is in the quality of the work and the contribution that every member of the team has to offer.

We are passionate about our work and we don't stop until we deliver an extraordinary product.

We are known as...


We speak in a simple and clear way, so that our clients understand perfectly what we do in the project and what for.


We constantly talk to the clients so that they are always up to date in regard to the project.


All our projects are carefully estimated and executed to achieve a high quality delivery, meeting the deadline.


We have a creative lab full of ideas waiting to be used. We are eager to think outside of the box.

Be part of our team

Would you like to work at Ulu?

We want to grow as a team and face new challenges because we believe that there is a huge quantity of opportunities to experiment and new ideas to explore.

We strongly believe that working hard and in teams bring excellent results. That is why we want to inspire you and for you to inspire us and that our differences become better ideas so that we strengthen our skills to achieve good results.

Some benefits of working with us



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Health Insurance


Flex schedule




We believe in new talents, that is why we would like to add to our family students and professionals who have just graduated. New team members who are curious and want to grow, so they build a career with us.

At Ulusoft we believe in the power of questions in order to generate innovative solutions for all kinds of problems that may come our way

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You can fill the form or simply send as an email to the following address info@ulusoft.com.ar

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